How to defeat an oversetting tackle

Hey everyone! I hope lockdown life isn't driving you crazy. At least you've made it this far. This week I found some great clips from assistant head coach of University of Oklahoma Ruffin McNeill's teach tape on how to execute and perfect the club swim against an oversetting tackle.

Here is the full clip I will be breaking down on how to defeat an oversetting tackle...

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1) Study the set

OLineman who set on a diagonal angle and turn their hips are susceptible to inside moves. Look for these keys in film study.

2) Attack on a straight path

A straight path will threaten the tackle and get him to shoot his hands.

3) Club the inside

A hard club to the inside frame of the tackle will knock him off balance and catapult your momentum across his face.

4) Step across the face

Avoid the tackles punch by moving laterally across his face

5) Violent swim

The swim completes the rush, blocks the tackle from recovering and puts you on a straight path for the sack

6) Practice

You can practice your attack, club, step, and swim on a pop up or goal post


So a couple things here...

  1. I'm in the beginning stages of writing my own book on how to passrush and am doing some preliminary research. If you have ran into any systems or philosophies that you like I'd love to hear about them. Just reply to this email if you want to talk.
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- Craig

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