How to execute the exit stunt

Hey everyone! I hope everyone's week is going well and you all are progressing closer and closer to your goals. For the breakdown this week I'm pulling a clip from my alma mater University of Michigan. The good ole wolverines! This clip (as seen below) features Josh Uche executing the exit stunt with teammate Kwity Paye. This is a classic stunt that punishes an oversetting tackle for being too aggressive and Josh and Kwity execute it to perfection.

Here is the full clip I will be breaking down...

Pre-snap Read

1) Check for the RB

You always want to check to see if the RB is to your side because if he is, it means the the OL is playing man to your side and both the DT and the DE have 1 on 1s with the tackle and guard.

The Defensive End Breakdown

1) Align 3 yards outside tackle

For this stunt to work the DE needs to line up wide enough to draw the tackle out to him and open up the B gap. Josh does a great job using his alignment for just that.

2) Sell speed

The art of passrushing is making the tackle think you're doing one thing before you do the opposite. Selling speed is critical to getting the tackle to turn his hips and open up the B gap.

3) Plant and chop

Now that you've made the tackle think you are speed rushing, stop on a dime on your 2nd step and take a 45 degree step to the b gap. He will inevitably try to recover which is when you use the chop to neutralize his punch.

4) Get horizontal and locate

Stay on your 45 degree path through the guard and the inside shoulder of the quarterback until you have secured the a and b gap. Once you have done this chase down the QB with inside leverage.

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The Defensive Tackle Breakdown

1) Align in a tight 3

You want to align in a tight 3 to keep the guards eyes on you. The idea is here to make sure the guard doesn't widen out. We want the b gap as big as possible for this stunt.

2) Entertain the guard

You need to shimmy, shake and do whatever is necessary to keep the guards eyes on you. This gives the DE time to get into the B gap and get horizontal.

3) Wrap to the C gap

Once you feel the DE pass you and not a moment before, wrap to your responsibility, the c gap.

4) Contain

Since you and the DE have switched responsibilities, you are responsible for outside contain so make sure to stay parallel with the QB and not let him get outside of you.


So a couple things here...

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- Craig

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