How UofM executes the CAB stunt

How University of Michigan executes the cab stunt

(Passrush tips • 3 mins)

Hey everyone! I hope everyone's week is going well and you all are progressing closer and closer to your goals. For the breakdown this week I'm going back to my alma mater..... again. I've been watching a lot of 2018 UMich film so hopefully it's not too much for all of you, ha. This clip (as seen below) features Chase Winovich, Carlo Kemp and Devin Gil executing the CAB stunt. This is a unique stunt that plays nicely against zone schemes and UMich's front 7 executes it with lethal efficiency.

Here is the full clip I will be breaking down...

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Pre-snap Read

1) Back away = zone to your side

If the running back is away from you, it is highly likely the zone will be coming to you. This means you can widen out your alignment a bit to draw the O-lineman out to you

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DLine Breakdown

1) No Tips

The most important part of any run stunt is to make sure that the O-line doesn't know your stunting. So don't lean or position yourself differently than you would in your normal stance because it will give away they stunt.

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2) Back up slightly

Most of the time we want the D-line to be as close to the line of scrimmage as possible; however, when you are run stunting, you want to be slightly off the line. Being off the line gives a D-lineman enough space to make a lateral movement without having the O-lineman knocking you off your track.

3) 1st Step Diagonal

When you know the zone is coming to you, you don't need to gain as much lateral distance as when the zone is going away from you so you can take a diagonal step into the b gap

4) 2nd step vertical

Once you've taken your diagonal step, it's now time to get up the field and get vertical so you can disrupt the play with your backfield depth

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5) Rip if necessary

Ripping your backside arm will make it even tougher for an O-lineman to recover once you've taken your 2nd step, but is not always needed

6) Make the Play

Accelerate through the running back, get low and wrap up

Linebacker Breakdown

1) Show in the B gap

The purpose of the showing in the B gap is to draw the guard's eyes. Make sure to get close enough to threaten the guard, but far enough away to where the guard can't grab you

2) Wrap to the C gap

Once you've threatened the guard, now it's time to wrap to your responsibility

3) Get vertical

Once you've secured your responsibility, the C gap, prevent the RB from getting outside of you by getting vertical


So a couple things here...

  1. I'd love to get your feedback so if you loved this breakdown or hated it please let me know what you think by replying to the email
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- Craig

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