Pass Rush Bible update #6: Launch update

A little announcement

A few weeks ago I announced that I was planning to release the book by end of August, only a few weeks away. The bad news is that it turns out getting a book ready for release is a lot more work than I expected, and even though I've been cranking hard on it every spare moment, it's still not quite going to be ready in time for release :(

The good news is that the biggest reason for the delay is that I just have way more important content to share than I originally expected. The book has turned into something a lot more awesome than I ever could've dreamed, and I'm going to be so proud to share it with you when it's finally ready.

Before I go into what I've changed here's a free sample chapter I just completed... This one goes into a huge core fundamental... playing with your eyes. You can download the chapter below.

Download "Playing with your eyes"

I made some changes

I kept looking at how the book was organized and it just felt like something was missing. Then, it hit me. Rather than separating the chapters into ambiguous categories like "Pass rush moves" I decided to group the chapters into a step by step system. Here's what the groupings look like...

Step 1: Develop the fundamentals

Step 2: Learn the rush types

Step 3: Build a pass rush repertoire

Step 4: Decide on a rusher type

Step 5: Become a film study expert

Step 6: Create your game plan

Step 7: Rush as a unit

Step 8: Correct common mistakes

Step 9: Progress to advanced techniques and schemes

My hope is that the step by step layout makes it a whole lot easier for you to apply this book to your coaching or playing journey.

Additional resources

I'm also working on a few resources that will come out with the book. Here are a few that I will be including...

  1. Pass rush games, moves and drills video library
  2. In season practice plan
  3. Off season development program
  4. Interviews with top pros and coaches

It's going to take a bit of elbow grease to make these, but I think it will be more than worth it!

Official launch date

Now that I know how hard it is to write a book I'm setting a launch date that I know I will be able to achieve. The official date I will be launching The Pass Rush Bible will be October 3rd. Come hell or high water this book will be done by that date.


If you enjoyed the update please do forward the email to anyone who you'd think would be interested. It's how I get the word out about the book. Anyone new can subscribe here :).


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