The wrong arm technique

Even though sacks, TFLs and strips are some of the most game-changing plays a DLineman can make, the DLine at one time or another will be called to take on a puller. Depending on what type of defense a Dlineman is in, he will be asked to either force (secure the D gap) or spill (secure the C gap) the pulling offensive lineman and if you're asked to spill using a wrong arm technique is one of the best ways to do it. Below is a step by step breakdown on how Clelin Ferrel uses the spill to take out two offensive lineman and free up his line backer for the TFL.

Here is the full clip I will be referring too...

1) Read the tackles eyes

Before the snap if you see the O-lineman looking at the D-tackle tighten up because he is probably down blocking.

2) Mirror the tackles' first two steps

When the tackle blocks down you need to close space to the tackles hip. If you don't, you risk getting sealed out of your gap.

3) Eyes down the line

Anytime there is a down block your eyes should move from down the line to the level of the QB. This ensures that you won't get blindsided by a pulling O-lineman.

4) Rip with the outside arm

When the pulling O-lineman is about to contact you, rip your outside arm into his inside armpit. This will spin him around and throw him off balance.

5) Drive up the field

Once you've inserted your rip, it's time to get vertical. Vertical lanes disrupt forward progress from the running back and give your defense the opportunity for a big time stop.

6) Take 2 blockers if you can't make the play

If you take 2 blockers the LB will be free to make the play. Make sure your LB gets you a sundae after the game for freeing him up.


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