years ago Von Miller orchestrated the first ever Pass Rush Summit for the NFL's top pass rushers. Ever since then Von's been bringing together top D-Linemen & coaches to share their expertise.

Below are 10 of the best tips I've learned from these events.

Tip 1: Don't get locked up

Locking up with your opponent is death. Instead Von Miller teaches to keep your hands active and work an edge.

Tip 2: Torque your shoulders

Everyone talks about flipping their hips, but Cam Jordan instead likes to concentrate on torquing his shoulders. This allows him to reduce surface area and naturally flip his hips.

Tip 3: Push the pocket

Doug Flutie hated when a balanced five man rush pushed the O-Line into his lap. It took away his vision and made him feel like he was throwing out of a well.

Tip 4: Create a signature move

All the great pass rushers have a signature move. For Dwight Freeney it's the spin, for Reggie White the hump. That's why Chuck Smith harps on the fact that truly great pass rushers need to develop a go to move that you can always rely on.

Tip 5: Trust your move

To play fast you can't be indecisive. So once you choose a move pre-snap, Diron Reynolds (DL coach @ Stanford) teaches to go all in on that move. And if it doesn't work have a counter as a back up.

Tip 6: Have a way out

When stabbing, Demarcus Ware teaches to use your outside hand to block the punch of your opponent and give yourself an easy way to work the edge.

Tip 7: Don't freelance

When bullets start flying it can be easy to start freelancing. Instead Maxx Crosby always go back to his rush plan and what he's practiced.

Tip 8: Get as many clues as you can

To get a great get off Von keys in on pre-snap movement. Everywhere from keying the heel lift of the QB to the hip shift of the guard, Von is looking for clues to help him get off faster.

Tip #9: Keep him guessing

Instead of doing the same rush every play, Von Miller uses a variety of rushes to keep his opponent guessing.

Tip #10: Rush, measure, learn

Von thinks of each rush as an experiment. After testing multiple moves, Von Miller will throw away the ones that didn't work and go back to the moves that did.

That's all for this week. Thank you all for your continued support!

And whenever you are ready, there are 2 ways I can help you:

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Nov 8, 2022
Pass Rush

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