t University of Michigan, I had the privilege of being coached by one of the great D-Line technicians in the country, Coach Jerry Montgomery.

Thankfully, I stumbled upon film of his from his time at Oklahoma where he was actively solving one of the biggest issues a D-Line can face, pad level.

That's why for this week's D-Line Examples I'll be detailing how Coach Montgomery teaches how to keep his D-Line low.

Tip #1: Use a low aiming point

Your equipment will influence your D-Line's technique. If you use a high sled they'll raise their pad level. If you use a low sled just the opposite will happen. That's why Coach Montgomery uses a low sled to reinforce coming out of your stance with low pad level.

Tip #2: Keep a flat back

Next Coach Montgomery, tells his D-Line to keep a flat back. By doing this not only does your punch become more powerful, but you now have another key to indicate whether or not you're raising your pads or staying low (ex: curved back = pad level too high).

Tip #3: Adjust with physical cues

If you see your D-Line struggling with their pad level, use a physical cue like hands on the mid back to give your D-Line a key to indicate the height of their pad level. More pressure from your hands means they're too high where as less means that they're just right.

Tip #4: Reinforce with live feedback

When Coach Montgomery's D-Line executes perfect technique, he always reinforces with positive feedback. Remember negative feedback sticks so if your D-Line executes their technique flawlessly over use positive feedback to build your player's confidence.

Well that's it for today.

Hope you enjoyed it!

See you again next week.

And whenever you are ready, there are 2 ways I can help you:

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Aug 16, 2022
Block Destruction

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