recently looked back at my old post on how to defeat double and didn't feel satisfied with the info I gave y'all.

There are many different techniques for defeating double and pros/cons for each technique.

That's why for this week's D-Line Examples I'll be doing a more thorough break down of the 4 different techniques you can use to destroy doubles.

Push technique

This technique utilizes a d-linemen's strength to match their primary blocker's force and overcome it.


Step 1: Attack the primary blocker

No need to take on 600 pounds of O-lineman when you can take on 300.

Step 2: Press on pressure

When you feel pressure from the adjacent lineman press through the primary blocker's shoulder and fight pressure with pressure.

Step 3: Throw off when pressure leaves

If the LB fills the way he should one blocker should come off of you. At that point, you need to throw off and show presence in your gap so the RB doesn’t escape through it.

How to improve

You can use a the below sled drill to practice this technique using only a sled and look man

When to use

If you have a strong/large front who can fight one on one with their opponents this is the technique to use.

Corkscrew Technique

The corkscrew is a unique technique that's great to use for undersized D-Linemen. Instead of pressing through the shoulder, the D-Lineman grabs the blocker’s pads and corkscrews.


Step 1: Attack the primary blocker

Again you want to attack the primary blocker to reduce surface are that the adjacent blocker can grab and get the blocker's on different levels.

Step 2: Twist & split

Next grab your opponent with both arms and twist them to the side when you feel pressure from the adjacent blocker. This will redirect their momentum downfield and throw them off balance.

Step 3: Escape & Square up

Once the primary blocker is out of your way violently throw off, square up and make the play.

When to use

This is an especially useful technique for undersized D-Line’s given that this technique requires redirecting force vs. fighting it head on.

How to practice

Again, you can use the sled to practice this technique; however, instead of pushing the sled, concentrate on twisting & splitting.

Square Technique

Bruce Lee said to be like water and this technique encompasses exactly that sentiment. The objective of this technique is to stay square and let the adjacent blocker push you laterally before popping back in your gap.


Step 1: Attack the primary blocker

Same as always attack the primary blocker first.

Step 2: Survive the collision by staying square

Next, let the adjacent blocker push you laterally to where he can no longer contact you. This will give him the illusion that he's done his job, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Step 3: Recapture your gap

Once the primary blocker has gone up to the second level, now pop back in your gap and make the play.

When to use

If your opponent doesn't stay double team for long and instead has the adjacent blocker work to the LB, this technique is a great tool to use.

How to practice

Use the below drill progression from Coach Kevin Beckwith to practice attacking the blocker, surviving the collision & popping back into your gap.

Knee Technique

The knee technique should only be used as a last resort. If you're getting knocked back again and again it's better to create a pile then to get dumped in your LB's lap.


Step 1: Attack the primary blocker

You guessed it. Attack the primary blocker with violence.

Step 2: Drop to a knee

Next, drop to a knee and take the primary blocker with you. This lowers your pad level & makes it extremely difficult for the double to get movement on you.

Step 3: Create a pile

Last, create a pile and take a many blockers as you can with you. Your LB should be able to scrape clean over the top and make the play.

How to practice

You can again use the sled to practice attacking the primary blocker, splitting & escaping.

Well that's all for this week. Curious, if there's any other techniques I may have left out. If so shoot me an email. I'm looking to make this post as comprehensive & robust as possible.

And whenever you are ready, there are 2 ways I can help you:

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Oct 25, 2022
Block Destruction

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