he 2 point stance has become more and more popular in modern day football. Players like Khalil Mack and Von Miller show just how effective a 2 point stance can be when used correctly; however, when used incorrectly it can lead to an ineffective pass rush and big holes in the run game. Below is my take on the pros and cons of the 2 point stance....

Pro: Vision

Blockers are usually the biggest guys on the team and if the end has their hand in the dirt they won’t be able to see much other than what’s in front of them. The 2 point stance changes this by giving the end vision of the backfield and entire O-line. This is especially helpful for 3rd and long situations where the end can see any movement on the O-line and get a great get off.

Pro: Easier to drop

If you run a 3-4 or 3-3-5 your ends are going to be dropping a lot. The 2 point makes this easier by giving the end vision on the formation and less movement needed to drop if the end needs to get out to their assignment quickly

Pro: Pre-snap movement

Do you like to confuse the OLine with pre-snap movement? Well an end can’t move laterally if their hand is in the dirt; however, if they’re standing it’s super easy to switch up gaps and alignment.

Con: High pad level

Because the end is already standing up in a 2 point stance it's harder for them to get into a low powerful position. This leads to not being able to deliver as much power to defeat a base block.

Con: Bucket step

More than not a DLineman in a 2 point stance will take a backwards step (bucket step) before moving forward. This wastes precious time getting to the QB and can open up holes in the run game.

Con: Ends only

Because DTs and NTs are constantly taking on 2 blockers at a time they should never use the 2 point stance. This limits this stance to only ends.

Jun 22, 2021
Coaching tips

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