wo weeks. No articles?!

​Well I wanted to email something awesome. Like a block destruction mixtape. And it took some time. Hope you enjoy it:

1) Don't let the inside blocker get to the 2nd level on scoop

To do this press him down the line with inside hand pressure and finish with your nose on his ear.

2) Use a dent technique to disrupt a pulling guard

Once you see the down block from the blocker, key down the line and meet the puller head up at full speed so you can make the play inside or outside the puller.

3) Use a wrong arm to force the RB outside

By hugging the hip, ripping your outside arm into the inside armpit of the puller and getting vertical you can force the RB to bubble outside.

4) When in an attack and react mindset, explode from the hips and hands first and then follow with feet.

Below is a drill to practice exploding out front he hips and hands with thumbs up and elbows in.

5) The best position to take on a double is between the two blockers doubling you.

When you feel outside pressure, make sure to "get skinny" and wedge yourself between your opponents.

6) Staying flat down the line is a great way to make plays from the backside on zone read

Here's a drill to practice slanting, redirecting and crashing down the line to take the dive.

7) The whole D-Line can work slants at the same time with the 4-corner slant drill

There isn't much time in individual so maximize your time with the 4-corner slant drill

8) Precision hand placement is critical to controlling your opponent

For 1-gap shoot the hands at the sternum and cuff. For 2-gap shoot the hands at the arm pits with thumbs up and elbows rolled in.

9) For two gap movement, "cross face" if the blocker comes to you and "chase the tail if the blocker blocks away.

Here's a drill to practice this by long sticking, reading the block and reacting.

​10) For 1 gap movement, transfer your eyes from the primary blocker to the adjacent blocker so you can "fight the face" if the blocker bases or "chase the tail" if the blocker down blocks

Here's a drill to practice "fighting face" by transferring eyes, shooting hands and stepping at an angle.

​11) Peek around the block not over it

When you look over the bock you straighten your legs out and when you're straight you lose all your power. Here's a drill to practice extending, peeking (nose to earhole), escaping and pursuing inside out.

12) When in a read attack mindset, take a 6-inch read step first and then explode with hands and hips.

Below is a drill to practice taking a 6-inch step, keeping a flat back, maintaining a sturdy base and accelerating through contact.

13) Use progressions

Progressions break down D-Line techniques into small steps that "progress" in complexity before executing the full technique. Here's an example.

That’s all for this week and see you again next!

And whenever you are ready, there are 2 ways I can help you:

  1. Learn how to develop top tier pass rushers and a lethal pass rush attack here (1,000+ students)
  2. Learn how to turn your D-Line into a block destruction machine here (1,100+ students)


Jun 8, 2021
Block Destruction

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