hen facing teams who like using zone reads switching a DT's and DE's responsibilities can confuse the offense and lead to big time plays for the defense.

One way to do this is combine a Skin technique (where the d end takes the RB and is responsible for the b gap) and a Pop technique (where the tackle pops out the the C gap and is responsible for the QB).

The Pin (pop + skin) stunt if done correctly can be a powerful switch up that muddies QB reads and confuses offensive line blocking assignments.

Here is the full clip I will be breaking down...

The Pop Technique

1) Align head to head

Aligning head up will give the DT the ability to play the guard's block backside

2) Step vertical

A vertical step gives the DT time to read the guard and puts him in great position to play the guard's block backside while still being aggressive.

3) Pop to the C gap

If the guard and tackle down block the DT now has the C gap. He needs to shuffle quickly outside to secure his responsibility.

4) Eyes on the QB

Since the DT is trading responsibilities with the DE, he now has the QB. Make sure he has eyes on him so that he can make the play on the QB if he keeps the ball.

The Skin Technique

1) Align tight

If the DE doesn't align tight, he risks taking himself out of the play. The DE is responsible for the B gap and running back so he needs to make sure he doesn't align too wide and take himself out of the play.

2) Aim down the line

If the tackle down blocks, the DE's aiming point needs to be right down the line. There is no need to shuffle and read, he needs to sprint down the line and get to his responsibility (The RB).

3) Check for blockers

The DE must also check for a pulling guard or crossing FB because if there is one he will need to spill and force the play to the D gap.

4) Make the play on the RB

If there are no blockers assigned to the DE then he needs take a B line to the RB and make the play. Make sure the DE does not take too shallow of a path and overrun the RB.

That’s it for this week. Craig over and out!

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Jul 27, 2021
Block Destruction

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