The Coffee House Stunt

The Coffee House Stunt

I've seen quite a few pass rush stunts in my career. There's classic stunts like the Tackle End (T-E) and End Tackle (E-T) and then there's stunts you reserve only for special situations as change ups. The coffee house is one of these stunts.

Today I will be breaking down when and how to execute the coffee house stunt...

When to run the Coffee House

Because the Coffee House is essentially a fake (E-T) or (T-E) it should only be used after running the (E-T) or (T-E) successfully against an O-line and should only be ran to the man side because the O-Line will not respect a fake if they are not 1 on 1 with the DT and DE.

So, if you notice that the guard is peaking at the penetrating end too quickly when running an E-T stunt you should consider using the Coffee House to fake the E-T as seen below.

On the other hand, if you feel the Tackle is sitting too heavily on the T-E stunt use the coffee house to free up the end off the edge...

and lastly if you're in a defense that drops defenders from the line of scrimmage frequently the coffee house is a great tool to trick blockers into picking up the wrong rusher.

If you like this breakdown I'm writing a book where I go in depth on pass rush techniques, drills and stunts that top coaches and D-lineman use in real life situations called The Pass Rush Bible.

You can get updates, free chapters, interviews with top pros and discounts when it releases by clicking here.

-Craig over and out

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The Coffee House Stunt

The Coffee House Stunt. A stunt you reserve for only special situations.

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I am writing a book called The Pass Rush Bible! Here I will be sharing my knowledge as well as other pro's.

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