Block Destruction

How to destroy pullers

3 different techniques you can use to destroy pullers
Block Destruction

Coach McFarland's combo progression

How Coach McFarland teaches his D-Line to destroy combo
Pass Rush

The 3 ways to execute a 5-man rush

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Block Destruction

How to develop explosive hands

A guide on how to develop hands that will instill fear into your opponents
Skill Development

Bentley's D-Line workout

8 exercises designed to help you become a better D-Lineman
Block Destruction

Teaching block release

How to teach your D-Line how to get off of blocks
Coaching tips

3 lessons from Larry Johnson

Ever since starting my journey into coaching, I've looked for resources that could help me solidify my thoughts around D-Line play.And as I scoured the internet for anything that could help, I kept stumbling upon the great Larry Johnson's clinics time and time again.