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Off-season D-Line Drills Database
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Pass Rush

Larry Johnson's Rushmen Clinic

Larry Johnson’s Rushmen clinic contains the drills & systems he uses to build OSU’s pass rush attack; however, it’s 60 minutes long. I distilled the major points into a thread so you can ingest it in 6 minutes.
Skill Development

The New and Improved D-Line Resource Guide

A comprehensive list of resources from around the web to learn anything D-Line related
Coaching tips

Bang for your buck drill equipment

It's a common misconception that you need fancy equipment to improve your D-Line. All the tools you need can be purchased for less than $100 bucks.
Block Destruction

How university of Georgia teaches 1 & 2 gap techniques

In 2021, UGA led the nation in rushing defense giving up only 72.3 YPG. This was in large part due to their mastery of 1 & 2-gap techniques.
Pass Rush

How to corral an elusive quarterback

One of the most frustrating things a defensive lineman can face is letting a QB break contain. I have nightmares about this! That's why for this week's D-Line Examples I'll be breaking down how to corral elusive quarterbacks.
Coaching tips

5 tips from coach tray scott

After having three of his D-Linemen drafted in the first round, it's undeniable Coach Tray Scott knows how to develop top tier players. Thankfully, I happened to find a mic'd up session from his time at UNC.
Skill Development

How Marion Hobby teaches violent hands

Violent hands are essential for controlling your opponent, getting knock back and throwing off to make the play.And Coach Marion Hobby (Clemson, Bengals & Dolphins) has an amazing progression for instilling this key principle in his D-Line.
Block Destruction

How coach jerry montgomery teaches low pad level

At University of Michigan, I had the privilege of being coached by one of the great D-Line technicians in the country, Coach Jerry Montgomery.
Block Destruction

Coach Johnson's explosion progression

A 3-step explosion progression from Coach Johnson

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